Yearning to Breathe Free

It hasn’t been a century since what is euphemistically called the “Mexican Repatriation”. Maybe a little less than eighty years since it ended. It is better described in modern terms as one of the ethnic cleansings the US has engaged in.

We’re repeating it. No matter how soon we cut off what is happening now, we’ve begun. If we can keep it at the present level, at least history will remain larger than what’s happening now.

But ask yourself how likely it is that this populist regime, which enjoys the backing of a vocally bigoted minority that has taken over the slightly more conservative of the two parties, will back down? (The Democratic Party establishment seems bent on winning the coming election by being “centrist” where “center” resembles Bush Sr., perhaps — a bad decision both strategically and tactically as well as morally.)

President Trump, comparable in bombast, corruption, and incompetence to Kaiser Wilhelm, a leader so embarrassing Germany would rather sweep his history under the rug and who arguably destabilized Europe prior to World War One (Hitler was Hitler, they will admit to Hitler but seem to just mumble and grimace at Wilhelm) … President Trump has managed to claim practically imperial powers the way no previous President has, just as a mere defense against an independent investigation into his campaign. Not even necessarily him, just his campaign organization. Apart from the fact that looks ridiculously guilty on his part, the fact that almost no one of either party has held such claims successfully in check nor managed to censure him for the ongoing constitutional crisis that he has escalated magnitudes beyond what he walked into. My confidence in our ostensibly democratic republic turned oligarchy is at an all time low, and I wonder how long it can even function as an oligarchy at the present rate. This bumbling fascist fool with a cadre of authoritarian sycophants at his side is already leading us down a hellhole and is plenty willing to ignore law.

What kept that in check, maybe, and hewed more to the oligarchs was a deference to the longtime politicians. Pay careful attention to how the guards explain themselves here. A Senator, practically a symbol of one side of the dueling oligarchs if we look at it cynically, is first given a laughing brush off and then when he does get in, they’re just “following orders”. Ultimately, that implies the executive branch and all power in it feels utterly without compunction to listen to the courts or to the legislature. Already that authoritarianism has crept into this operation of ethic cleansing.

Just how fast can we oppose it?

Because the worst case is that we don’t at all, and they start looking for more targets to maintain their base’s excitability. That’s how authoritarian fascists maintain power. By having just enough people hopping mad about another group to be willing to condone institutional murder, and everything short of it.

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