The Victors

The quote, “history is written by the victors,” contains some needed and useful observations, but is incomplete.

It is taken by some as an instruction to be certain to be the victor, lest we be the forgotten or the vilified.

It is taken taken by others passively as a lament, history always out of reach and sealing our erasure.


Historians take it as an observed effect, instead, and one that must be actively countered through effort of research and then thoughtful analysis and disclosure.

Furthermore, we are always collectively responsible for the society we collectively create. There is nothing inherently preventing us, if we work towards it, from being victors that write history more responsibly, humbly, and reverently. That takes work. Earnest, vast work. But I see every reason to try. Even in failing, we may improve. We need not even be victors in a traditional sense of conquering. There is nothing inherently preventing us from seeking to win peacefully, though mutual justice.

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