Resuming from Suspension

Oh, my… Where to begin. Same place as ever, I suppose.

I caught a nasty case of blogger’s block, and it feels like a stuffy head cold. Excuse me while I go try to blow it out on a tissue, will you?

Gah! Hoomahgods… Yech! Terrible. Does that feel any better? I’m not certain yet. There’s been plenty of grist for blogging. I just… Haven’t. I need to fix that.

It genuinely does feel a lot like blowing my nose out.

My cat, Addy, could give me lessons in that regard. She’s always sending large globs of partially dried mucus in directions you didn’t think it could go. Possibly directions you still won’t believe, after seeing the evidence, that the cat was personally responsible for flinging a booger six feet up the wall. By sneezing downwards.

Is blogging like that? Hopefully it’s less disgusting, really, but many days it feels like blogging is the work of publicly cleaning up my own or someone else’s goobers. And I love my cats dearly. I don’t have a lot of love for some of the goobers I feel need to be cleaned up.
I’m doing NaNoWriMo for the first year ever. I’ve been resisting because I didn’t feel up to the challenge. I still don’t, but I’m talking myself into it, perpetually.

I have several story ideas that I’ve written down over the years. Written down is a bit of a stretch. Etched, perhaps. Actually, several that span a fairly lengthy timeline. I’d actually put up some documentation in MiniGroups and shared it with a few friends. I apparently “missed the memo” that MiniGroups was shutting down. I missed getting my notes out of there by only a week, and can’t locate any other copies of that documentation. That’s after checking Evernote, Google Docs, Dropbox, iCloud, and a few other places besides. While that’s fairly frustrating, I’m not nearly so put out about that as I might be. Because the whole damn timeline has been stuck in my head for years. I have a lot of productive commutes to and from work fleshing more of it out, but you can only get so far when it is stuck in your head, etched indelibly in your frontal lobes using a combination of chisels and sharpies. I can give you their working titles in intended story order: Stowaway, Schism, Prelude, Overture, Traitor, Implosion, Freed: Escape, Project Annabelle, Freed: Waking, Geometry of Dreams, Freed: Union, and Frontier.

I unequivocally recommend never, ever creating the entire outline for a twelve novel epic story while listening to music on your commute if you can avoid it. It’s not good for your mental health. Not to mention your sense of completion.

I’ve also been feeling a bit stuck, creatively, due to a few bad habits of how I use my time. I figure NaNo is the solution I’ve been looking away from as enthusiastically as I could previously manage. It isn’t like I’ve done nothing creative, but — again — completion. I’ve started a good many paintings that I haven’t finished. And so on. But! Benefits of NaNo for me:

Firstly, it will give me a chance to at least put the first story on that timeline into draft form. I can then go back and edit it thoroughly and cross-reference it against the other future timeline and past timeline. And against itself. And hopefully go through and clean up the draft a lot. It feels rough enough I wouldn’t dare give it the light of day, but that can be fixed with some elbow grease.

Secondly, it will force me to revise some habits and prove to myself I can chase down and achieve a fairly aggressive creative goal. Doesn’t matter if I fail at fifty thousand words by the end of the month. It only matters that I do my genuine best trying to. Not a half-assed best. Not an “I’m too tired today” best. If I’m too tired, often I know it is because I haven’t arranged other priorities very well. I’m not in great shape, but my health isn’t so bad that I can’t find a couple hours, six days a week, to do this.

Oh, and, in addition to being apropos of the entry itself, the title to this entry is a giant fat pun of a nod to the story I’m writing. I’ll tease you just that much. I’d prefer to make it as a game, ultimately. However, realistically I don’t know if I have the time and energy to make a full first or third person game myself of the scale this is. Regardless, I’d better practice my storycrafting skills first. Because if I ever want to make story based games, that’s requisite, at least to an extent. And there’s no rule that says I can’t release the works as stand-alone novels first.

I just don’t promise that you’ll see any of it. Or that if you do that it will be any good. I need to work at this. And it has always, always been and advice to start one’s writing career with a full scale epic. So, perhaps what will happen is that I start into it just enough to get it out of my system and fleshed out a bit more, then go on to something more manageable. And after that I don’t know, in all honesty, whether I shall return to it.

It will be a fascinating exercise in the attempt, at least, and I shall give getting the stories out there my best shot.

And this time I’ll put my damn notes where I can be sure to find them again. Cloud schmoud.

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