Help them out?

I was reminded today, by a friend’s coming out day post, that there are health benefits to coming out. I was reminded a few days earlier by a separately helpful friend that there are a few ground rules for coming out day that need be observed and aren’t always. First, never out anyone for them. […]

Casts, Molds, and Breaks

So… Since I was asked elsewhere what the issue is… Production companies constantly make the mistake of casting people of a hegemonic majority while ignoring qualified (or overqualified) people of the minority of the role being cast. White people cast as Asians. Or blacks. Het people cast as queer. Cis folk cast as trans folk. […]

Make History

There’s but one problem with the phrase we sometimes use to decry bigotry, “standing on the wrong side of history.” History is not inevitable. There is no unavoidability to the long line of human progress over time towards a more just society. We become a more just society because of innumerable contributions, small and large, […]

Encryption is not Opinion

Graaaah! Dear Journalists: Please stop asking law enforcement their opinion about how encryption functions. It’s a matter of mathematical fact. It’s as mechanical as a mechanical universe gets, even when not all of the universe is mechanical. And when they claim “Apple doesn’t have all the facts” and “this is just a specific solution to […]


Hand me a patch of that pale blue plaid, would you? What?! That clashes rather shockingly. I just want to hold it up and see… Last time you said that you stitched it in before I could get it out of your… Well, she HAS been at this a long time, you were a fool […]