Naming It

There are crimes that we’re likely to see this new regime charged with. Then there are the crimes. How about I assemble a list of the crimes? Why not. Let’s begin. Use of the election to incite violence. Aggravated use of hate speech during incitement. Corruption and use of office for personal gain. Including before […]

Yule, 2016

Yule. That’s perfect, in a way, for now. In my tradition, such as it is, Yule and Solstice are at the darkest day, yet celebrated as a reminder that, though we know it will become colder and harsher yet, there’s still a promise of the light returning. In some versions, which I think is especially […]

With Love

​What comes to mind when you hear, “When they go low, we go high?” Playing nice with the opposition by gently telling them they’re loved and they could do much better than the current outrage they inspire? Probably something like that. It can descend into well-meaning tone policing. Let’s talk about what that phrase. I […]