Out Again

So, at the start of the month, one of my friends reminds me with their own post that being out is something continual. It’s not a new thing, some of us tend to be a little more invisible and have to work at our visibility. So I thought I would do the same. Only I waited a few days to kind of … spread the _outness_ over the Pride month.

I’m a trans woman. That… might have actually slipped by some folks I’ve recently made friends with. Which is itself a newer thing to me, and wasn’t always so. Be good to my trans sibs, non binary, agender, gendervague, trans men, and trans women, alike. Whether you can discern if someone is cis or trans isn’t the point. Respect for a human is.

I’m bisexual and/or pansexual (meaning attraction for me doesn’t depend on another’s gender but the particulars of the person of which the gender might or might not play a role). Don’t you dare take that away from me, one way or the other.

I try to be as conspicuously visible as I can get away with, because others can’t do so safely. I try to do this without browbeating the point, though I often feel like it, because the conversation gets old for both of us, fast. I try to do this because my doing might help someone else feel like they can at least be themselves, out or not, without shame.

Pride month means defying the stigmatization (or even fetishization, in some corners) of gender and sexual minorities. Our relationships have the same spectrum of behavior that the majorities have. We’re just a variety of human experience. No more nor less. And one that, aside from irrational social constraint, honestly has very little ill consequence. It was beyond time, long ago, that the stigma ended. Yet we’re still celebrating Pride, partly because some LGBT2QIA+ communities are still smothered under hate, some are weakly tolerated, and globally the problem of our civil rights is still very much undecided. Domestically, it’s under renewed assault, but that’s no surprise given the present regime.

So, again…

Happy Pride Month wished to all.

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