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So… To be blunt and short about it, Drupalgeddon is the website equivalent of Snowmageddon. Remember Smowmageddon? The Chicago area does. Just as Snowmageddon was limited in scope, so too is Drupalgeddon. Howver just as Snowmageddon was especially troubling and had consequences far after the event, so also does Drupalgeddon.

What the F*bombaroo is Drupalgeddon?

A massive security hole in Drupal, handled badly. While it is true that full disclosure is best practice for security holes discovered, it is also true that it is not a risk free practice, and equally true that there is a worst way to handle a best practice that maximizes risk. That about sums up my opinion on that.

Now, while I’m somewhat sad to be leaving Drupal, it has been evident to me that Druapl is also overpowered for most of what I do and has lagged behind other platforms in certain niceties. Like automatic patching. Among many others. I greatly appreciated its using elegant simplicity, and am still a fan. However I have also become a fan of what WordPress has done over the past several years, and decided it was time to become a WordPress user. After all, at a minimum I was already going to have to do a complete wipe of my site, including all content, and go through it with a forensic comb in order to ensure that said content did not reintroduce a back door.

So this is a very unfortunate and forced starting over. I may or may not have time to resurrect some favorite content.

I feel a very little bit singed and disoriented and feel it could be quite a bit worse, as it most certainly is for others out there. Like I’ve been hit by the wisps escaping from a time warp that crashed into a forest fire.


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