Naming It

There are crimes that we’re likely to see this new regime charged with.

Then there are the crimes.

How about I assemble a list of the crimes?

Why not. Let’s begin.

Use of the election to incite violence. Aggravated use of hate speech during incitement.

Corruption and use of office for personal gain. Including before even being sworn into office. Nepotism and use of office for gain of family and close associates without regard to qualifications or appointment. Attempts to coordinate legislation for the specific purpose of personal enrichment and easement of personal debts.

Conspiracy to commit theft of national monuments, parks, and land and theft of tribal land.

Repeated libel in character assassinations of political rivals and individuals who are seen as politically threatening.

Misappropriation of federal funds for personal entertainment. (Golfing, excursions to insecure personal properties, commandeering of military equipment for conducting business at thousands the times of cost of utilizing publicly available transportation options, and so on.)

Numerous human rights violations including capricious use of legal authority to curtail civil rights of military personnel, unreasonable detention and harassment of persons at border crossings, mistreatment of refugees, and libel against immigrants.

Deliberate contact and coordination with a foreign intelligence agency intent on inciting violence and electrion irregularities as a means to destabilizing the nation as a whole.

Numerous attempts to use the power of the office to censor unflattering reports in the media.

Sabotage of the general functions of government and bad faith execution of office.

So, that’s far from comprehensive, isn’t it. But it didn’t take long to compile…

Then again, this is only heading into year two. They’re still accelerating.


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