Melt Them Down to Butter Knives

So, here’s a vet walking the talk. Does so aloud for all to see and hear. And what’s the response from those opposed to that walk?


These are people pretty much proving his point.

They’re the loudest people, they don’t represent all assault-style gun owners? I speculate. But… too bad, that. They represent a danger. En masse. And their threats are credible enough, some of them, they meet the test for verbal assault. Not that they’ll be prosecuted. But by that measure they’re willing to commit crime, all at once, to further their aim. And they’re armed with the very weapons under discussion.

So: When do politicians stop listening to them, I wonder? When do they stop giving them the respect they aren’t due, as if they were somehow the sage part of the public in their defense of a sacrosanct, immutable, and singular hypothetical freedom. The freedom to be a dangerous white person, for the most part.

And again, that’s where this goes. If these were armed black men, their insistence on owning assault rifles would be met with mass anxiety. If these were armed Hispanic men, they’d be accused of being drug traffickers. I have no idea what’d happen if these were armed Asian men. If these were armed women, they’d be laughed at and THEN there’d be absolute frightened hysteria. If queer folk started talking about weapons like this there would be sudden belief in the conspiracy theories that we’re all out to enslave America as a perverse sexual state (note: the Agenda isn’t that ambitious, and it includes lunch). Gods help them if they were armed Arab men, they’d be locked up and interrogated immediately.

When you peel it away, by and large this is nothing more than radicalized white terrorism, perfectly willing, even especially willing, to attack any white person who doesn’t tow the line. Because such “traitors” to the right to be armed to the teeth are a direct threat to this link in racial hegemony, white supremacy. They might not articulate it as such, but there’s little denying that functionally that’s where it is.

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