Imaginary Earworm of Embarrassment

Current earworm is one that doesn’t exist in reality. It’s TMBG imitating Michal Stipe in a Fingertips style short. The lyrics entire are, “I haaaaate everything. I hate everythiiiing.”

This sometimes comes up when my head replays some past embarrassment or current fear of embarrassment and then also reflexively tries to push it away. It’s like a whole autoprocessing sequence of negative emotion capped off by a tune?

The absolutely maddening part is when, randomly, sometimes an all too happy bouncy rhythm kicks in and the same voice, as if bouncing with jazz hands instead of crooning, sings, “And then I don’t.”

This was the ridiculously awful and weak rejoinder some other part of my head came up with when I insisted that “I hate everything” wasn’t actually literally true.

So… that’s extremely annoying.

Funny, in its own way, though.

I could do without it, though… I really could do without it…

And now you are familiar with a small and tenaciously repetitive though sporadic part of my inner world.

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