If you go back far enough, we need to reassert what kind of society we’re aspiring to.

To some, equality itself has become a dirty word, meaning something which is designed to thwart their aspirations towards greater wealth and power.

To some, equality itself has become a dirty word, implying some imagined sleight done by someone who actually has less power than them, and they mean to reassert that relationship.

Those two examples, only two of probably dozens.

And to some… Equality itself has become a dirty word, full of the false promises made, full of the centuries it even originally meant only a few.

Some people talk about cleaning others’ folks out with soap for uttering dirty words.

I think in this case, we better get to work cleaning up the meaning of the word “equality”.

Regardless, there’s a lot of what we’d like to imagine is common among us that isn’t.

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