Encryption is not Opinion


Dear Journalists:

Please stop asking law enforcement their opinion about how encryption functions. It’s a matter of mathematical fact. It’s as mechanical as a mechanical universe gets, even when not all of the universe is mechanical. And when they claim “Apple doesn’t have all the facts” and “this is just a specific solution to one problem”, they’re lying very dangerously. Perhaps out of ignorance. Asking their opinion is creating a false equivalency between mathematics and a wishful idea of how mathematics could be conceivably bent to the side, selectively, for the sake of cases we might find it convenient.

You open that door, it isn’t just law enforcement that will crawl in. Encryption hampers law enforcement. Given. It also keeps a world of criminals outside, if you choose to use it. It’s exactly an argument over one case versus millions. Do you allow millions of criminals easier access to solve one case? Do you? Really?



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