Hand me a patch of that pale blue plaid, would you?

What?! That clashes rather shockingly.

I just want to hold it up and see…

Last time you said that you stitched it in before I could get it out of your…

Well, she HAS been at this a long time, you were a fool if you thought you could take it away from…

…thanks for distracting her, there it is, and…

…you WITCH, you!

Careful, that applies equally, here!

I should pull that out!

What, and unravel it? That would make a wreck…

Remember you both, we’re fitting this into a MUSE. Play nice.

Why should I treat her any better than…?


Because why, exactly, dearie?

Careful, cut that thread nice and long, she has to LAST longer than the last one.

BECAUSE of what happens to dreams that die.

Ooo! I had a lovely dream last night about…

Who cares? Dreams come and go…

No, most just come and go. Most people leave them to sit in the cellar and ignore them out of indifference until the door rusts shut. That’s different. And simpler.


Well, I didn’t say it wasn’t.

Don’t use so much of that free will frill!

Why not, it’s decorative!

You want us out of a job?!

Well, no, but…

Then, exactly: NO.

That plaid still clashes…

Will you … Quit nagging! It’s CONTRASTY.

Another novel word!

I still don’t understand why we need to pamper this one.

When someone kills off their own dreams, they come back as nightmares to someone else.

So… Why don’t we pamper them all, then? That sounds…

She’s a MUSE!


Does the phrase “chain reaction” mean anything to you? HER dreams instill MORE dreams.

Ooo! That sounds pretty…

What, the dreams instilled in others?

No, a nightmare chain reaction explosion! It could go on for generations…

Will you STOP!

Why, it’d be good fun!



Just… Last time I laughed that hard I had the WORST hiccups. Still hurts to stitch if I twist wrong. I think I got a hernia from it.

Oh, I’m sorry, dearie… Have a biscuit?


#FlashFiction (Never tried before… curiously…) For Dark Fairy Queen Midsummer Night’s Dream Writing Contest.




  1. This is just wonderful in so many ways, I love it, especially the line “When someone kills off their own dreams, they come back as nightmares to someone else.” Great stuff.

    1. You found the central little nugget around which the whole thing was built. That was the sentence that, while meditating on the theme, had me writing it down before sleeping else I could not sleep.

  2. I adore this, everything about it, from the concept, the characters and the dreamlike quality. Especially the line: ‘When someone kills off their own dreams, they come back as nightmares to someone else.’ Great stuff.

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