Artwork (Finally) Again for Sale

I’m finally getting an art store going again, after some encouragement and some suggestions.

So far, for today, I’ve managed to put up sixteen of the accumulated pieces up on the store. I’ve tried to unearth some older files and restore them, as well. I’ve had mixed success there, but there was one in particular that really did seem to survive the manipulations of restoration and software wizardry — not just like the original but better than the original. It actually looked a lot more like what your eyes interpreted it to be from a distance, even though up close the original was fairly pixelated.

This is what just under two decades of imaging science advances can do. It’s actually pretty awesome. Here’s a small demo version below.



You can get a look at that old print for sale here.

The entire store, right now, is over at

Many thanks to all of my friends for their patient encouragement…

Much love,

random9q / Talia Loos

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