Out Again

So, at the start of the month, one of my friends reminds me with their own post that being out is something continual. It’s not a new thing, some of us tend to be a little more invisible and have to work at our visibility. So I thought I would do the same. Only I […]

Please Stay

Listening to the radio as two experts discuss the rise in the suicide rate in the US. They’re dancing around some of the blunter, more obvious ways in which this rise comes to be. Or describing a downstream consequence. I also feel like I should tick off a bingo space for mention of smartphones and […]

Insomnia vs Wisdom

What is wisdom? What? What even is wisdom? And how? When where why?! … Written large or small… Maybe both? Wisdom is said by some to be knowing what the right action is at the right time, and in carrying out that action. In that sense, wisdom is more than experience. Experience is merely the […]

False Scarcity

This makes a good case for more open immigration, but let’s also back this up a step. http://fortune.com/2017/08/08/immigration-worker-shortage-rotting-crops/ (This is by now, an older article. But it’s a good launching point for the discussion.) We have crop loss because we can’t get outside immigrant labor into the U.S. because of the ridiculously xenophobic immigration debate […]

Melt Them Down to Butter Knives

So, here’s a vet walking the talk. Does so aloud for all to see and hear. And what’s the response from those opposed to that walk? Yeah… These are people pretty much proving his point. http://www.newsweek.com/man-viral-facebook-post-gun-control-harassment-abuse-853670 They’re the loudest people, they don’t represent all assault-style gun owners? I speculate. But… too bad, that. They represent […]


appalled a pall blanketed in smoke from this pyre erupting in sparks that takes us one by one by two by eighteen by twenty-two by forty-nine by losing count by going numb by marking ourselves as safe during the crisis by watching the money trail by voting anyhow by making memes and jokes and even […]